Friday, June 16, 2017

Bookstore News By Jill Reid

2017 - Year of Perfect Health in Mind, Body and Spirit through MUSIC 2017 is our year to renew our commitment to take care of ourselves so we can care and share our lives with others in a more meaningful and spiritual manner. It is our time to renew our focus on good health in mind, body and spirit.

As we know, there are many different methods and paths to focus on good health in mind, body and spirit. For many the path of music can provide the fastest and most emotionally pleasing approach to reconnect with ourselves and with Spirit.

We have identified many different CDs to help support you, guide you and comfort you as you start to focus on or maintain your momentum of self-care. The following CDs have been highly recommended to enhance your self-care activities. As you enjoy the beauty of the relaxation of the summer months, consider adding these musical tools to your armory of self-care options to enjoy and to share.

We hope you will enjoy them and share them with your loved ones throughout this beautiful summer renewal and relaxation period. Here are only a few to highlight from the large collection of CDs available in the Unity of Delay Beach Bookstore.

Simple Treasures
Soothing music for relaxing, meditation, gratitude, therapy, healing, massage, yoga, or just winding down.

2 CD Collection of 50 Classics
50 Classics for Relaxation is a special collection of classical music perfect for 'quiet time.' These arrangements are an easy background for meditation, yoga, a romantic evening anytime the listener wants to slow down.

Liquid Mind: Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes
This CD is an eclectic blend of soothing 'sound therapy' for the soul and the mind. It's a mixture of relaxing music wrapped around the sound of rain and thunder, as the tide rolls in and out.

Love's River
GRAMMY® Winner for Best New Age Music
Album, this relaxing piano music CD includes Laura Sullivan's beautiful piano music combined with cello, acoustic guitar, English horn, oboe, flugel horn, and trumpet.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Guide our Children to the Year of Perfect Health in Mind, Body and Spirit

The summer of 2017 is an excellent time to renew our commitment to taking care of ourselves so we can fully share our lives with others. It is our time to renew our focus on good health in mind, body and spirit. Let us not forget the importance of spiritual guidance and direction for our children. The blessings of our attention, guidance and sound teachings are felt throughout their lives and especially as they formulate their self-esteem and self-image.

These stories were written to help today's child grow up with a strong sense of self-esteem and courage. Adults often forget children now must deal with many more issues than in the past, and how they handle these challenges is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.

Through sharing and guided discussions based on positive messages from a wide variety of books, we are providing loving and lasting support to our children.

I Think, I Am!: Teaching Kids the Power of Affirmations Hardcover by Louise Hay

Incredible You! 10 Ways to Let Your Greatness Shine Through by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Dreams Come True... All They Need Is You! by Mike Dooley

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Bookstore News with Jill Reid

The Year of Perfect Health in Mind, Body and Spirit 

2017 is our year to renew our commitment to take care of ourselves so we can care and share our lives with others. It is our time to renew our focus on good health in mind, body and spirit.

2017 is a perfect time to start journaling our gratitude and goals for the year. As we define our goals and desires we know the power of journaling and remaining focused on manifesting our deepest desires. Combine the power of daily inspirational thoughts with the power of journaling. The bookstore provides many choices in daily devotional reading and journaling.
Inspiration & Daily Spiritual Nourishment for Your Soul 365 Days a Year

Collections of 365 daily meditations capture the essence of a great spiritual thoughts and inspiration. These spiritual leaders have influenced millions with their dynamic message of the power of positive thinking. Each devotional collection works to remind us that our thoughts shape our reality, and helps us access the strength to overcome sorrows, frustrations, and challenges in our daily lives.

Journals Galore!

 2017 is a perfect time to start or recommit to your journaling with our daily gratitude and goals for the year. Mindfulness is the simple and powerful practice of training your attention. It's simple in that it's just about paying attention to what's happening here and now, and powerful because it can keep you from getting lost in thoughts about the future or past, which often generate more stress on top of the real pressures of everyday life. The bookstore provides many choices in sizes and styles to make your journal special and uniquely yours.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Bookstore News with Jill Reid

The Year of Perfect Health in Mind, Body and Spirit 

As we welcome another new year, it is also the perfect time to renew our commitment to take care of ourselves so we can care and share our lives with others. It is a time to renew our focus on good health in mind, body and spirit.

 Journals Galore!! 

2017 is a perfect time to start journaling our daily gratitude and goals for the year. The bookstore provides many choices in sizes and styles to make your journal special and uniquely yours. 

Sale Prices!!

 It is also a perfect time to ease your body into renewed flexibility in 2017 through our Chair Yoga Classes on Saturdays and through using the easy to follow Book and CDs by Kristine Lee at reduced sale prices! 

Sit N Fit Books and CDs are reduced to $10.00 each 
Buy The Combo Set of the Book & CD for $15.00. 

Sale Prices!! 

Loving Yourself to Great Health by Louise Hay & Heather
Dane is a valuable reference guide to great health in Mind, Body and Spirit. Now available at Sale Prices!!
Hardcover Books reduced to $15.00 each 
Paperback Book reduced to $10.00 each

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Holiday Season is here!

Give your loved ones unique gifts, calendars and books from the Unity of Delray Beach Bookstore!

Now’s the perfect time to shop for your loved ones in a terrific store – conveniently located in your church!

Hay House Publishing has designed both wall and desk calendars from Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Doreen Virtue. Each calendar is filled with inspiration and wisdom to enlighten us throughout 2017. Share these positive gifts with your loved ones with wishes for a prosperous New Year.

Start a new family tradition in your home with these wonderful Children’s Christmas books which will be welcomed traditions for years to come! You will enjoy reading them as much as your loved ones will enjoy hearing you read them.

A special family tradition for all!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Think Happy, Be Happy By Jill Reid

As good Truth students we know that happiness is a state of mind that we can control, but sometimes we forget and need a little reminding. There are books in the UNITY Bookstore that can help us remember that we can change our lives when we change our thoughts.

White Horses: A Spiritual Journey along the Path of Happiness – 2014
by John Aston White
When the author, John Aston White, reached one of the darkest moments of his life, a Light began
to shine inside of him that led toward the Path of Happiness. He realized that his life had been ruled
by fear and that the solution was to replace this error with faith in the unconditional love of God,
faith in His omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence, and faith in abundance, infinite possibilities and eternal life through His Eternal Holy Spirit. White also realized a long list of polar
opposite attributes leading toward either love or hate. On that day, he chose truth. This book, White
Horses, expresses the pearls of wisdom that were unveiled for him as he began to see this Light. To truly express the oneness of God, oneness of humanity and oneness of religion, White dove deep into the study of comparative religion. He focused on the writings from Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and the Baha'i Faith. There are also perspectives from the Unity Church movement and more.

The Happiness Project 2015
by Gretchen Rubin
In this lively and compelling account—now updated with new material by the author—Rubin
chronicles her adventures during the twelve months she spent test-driving the wisdom of the ages, current scientific research, and lessons from popular culture about how to be happier. Among other things, she found that novelty and challenge are powerful sources of happiness; that money can help buy happiness, when spent wisely; that outer order contributes to inner calm; and that the very smallest of changes can make the biggest difference.

THE ART OF HAPPINESS: A Handbook for Living, 1999

by Howard C. Cutler and His Holiness, The Dalai Lama
In this unique and important book, one of the world's great spiritual leaders offers his practical
wisdom and advice on how we can overcome everyday human problems and achieve lasting


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Selections from the Bookstore By Jill Reid

Memories of Heaven 
Children's Astounding Recollections of the Time Before They Came to Earth 
By Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dianna (Dee) Hicks-Garnes Readers familiar with Dr. Wayne Dyer know he is laughing joyously from Heaven as his final book is released in the world: this book about Heaven. He loved hearing stories from children especially when they were spiritually motivated. This book is no different. His good friend and assistant Dee told him about a moment with her son regarding his memory of God and what came before he was born. That singular moment led to this compilation of stories of children from all over the world as their parents/grandparents recall similar moments of child-inspired insight.

This book is a joyous celebration of the innocence and mystery of life. If you as a reader are looking for documented, factually tested scientific proof of an existence beyond this life, you will have to look elsewhere. If you already believe that there is existence prior and after this life, this book is a wonderful collection from people all over the world sharing their experiences.

The stories are arranged in chapters such as Memories of Heaven, Memories of Choosing Parents, Memories of Family Reincarnations and Role Reversals, Memories of Spiritual Connections to Our Source, Mystical and Precognitive Wisdom, Invisible Friends and Spiritual Visitations, and Angel Stories. At the beginning of each chapter Wayne writes an introduction and anecdote that relates to that chapter. To read of the sincerity of these children is a precious gift for those needing to hear these heartfelt stories. It is a way to lighten the hearts of adults and give them that pause to feel the love and light from a child’s heart. Wayne urges all adults to look at children as “spiritual beings,” not merely inexperienced humans.

No one can claim to have more wisdom simply because of a chronological age and “wizened” adults can learn much from the innocence of unfiltered youth. If everyone were to reclaim their non-judgmental innocence that we had as children and return to the loving light that is childhood, this world would be better for us all. Sometimes the immaturity of youth teaches so much more than the hardness of age.

Incredible You! By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has taken the 10 concepts from his book for adults
10 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace and interpreted them for children.

He believed that it's never too early for children to know that they're unique and powerful
beings, and they have everything they need within themselves to create happy, successful lives.

NO Excuses! By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer focuses on the topic of excuses and how they can do more harm than we realize. The book demonstrates how excuses go far beyond “my dog ate my homework,” and can actually become words that prevent your child from reaching his or her

The book follows a boy with a seemingly impossible dream who almost lets excuses (“I’m not smart enough” . . . “It’s too hard,” and so on) get in his way. He discovers that by following a few

simple ideas and eliminating excuses . . . anything is possible!